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Dear Friends,

The serious political unrest in Nicaragua and on-going violent response of the government and paramilitary forces continue to jeopardize the peaceful work and education provided at the Cultural Center of Batahola Norte. The capital Managua has been particularly hard-hit and much of this turmoil is occurring not far from the Center itself.

The Cultural Center has always stood as an oasis in the midst of poverty. Today it continues to strive to uphold the mission of Sr. Margie and Fr. Angel by offering workshops on security and emotional self-protection for the staff. However, normal life for them has changed. Every day, our friends at the Center are kept anxious and fearful by the near constant sound of gunfire and their intense awareness of how near the danger sometimes can be. Foreign delegations have stopped visiting and tourism has come to a standstill. Because of all these factors, the center’s income has been drastically affected. The administrative team is evaluating what it will offer this next semester in the way of classes, keeping in mind the safety of the staff and participants. Currently they have opened up reflection spaces for the children and college students to help them manage their emotions and prevent depression during this difficult time. The Cultural Center continues to be an Oasis of hope for the community.

In the midst of this danger, fear, and stress, THE CENTER IS IN DIRE AND IMMEDIATE NEED OF ADDITIONAL SUPPORT! Urgent requirements include meeting on-going operational costs and supplementing the reduced income of staffers, who still have families and households to sustain. New needs such as campus guards and security cameras require additional funding.

We are appealing to you to (1) pray for the end of violence and the restoration of justice and a democratic society in Nicaragua; and (2) contribute whatever you can to meet these emergency needs of the Center. Many members of the FOB Board have already pledged to send contributions immediately. And they are asking you to join with them in providing both solidarity and financial support to CCBN in its time of dire need. Please consider joining the Friends of Batahola by offering your financial support.

Make a contribution online using a credit card, use the link below.

A Circle of Commitment to the Cultural Center of Batahola Norte, Managua Nicaragua

We are inspired by the mission and vision of the Cultural Center of Batahola Norte of “sharing who we are and what we have to help transform society into the Kingdom of God”. So we are committed to support them through prayer, financial assistance, solidarity and building community, thereby responding to the call of the Gospel. In the same way we ask you to support this community in need of friends and partners in living the Gospel of God.

The Cultural Center’s priority is to work with the women and children who most bear the weight of social and economic inequity, to break the cycle of poverty and restore hope in a better tomorrow. That objective is at the heart of the Center’s mission to empower and transform its students and community through access to education, arts and culture. Since 1983, the Center has helped thousands of women, children and youth to defend their rights, finish their schooling, find and develop new sources of income, and improve their standard of living.