Cultural Center

The Cultural Center of Batahola Norte (CCBN) is a community center that promotes education, arts, and holistic personal development through its programming for women, men, and children of all ages with an emphasis on reaching out to marginalized residents of Managua, Nicaragua. Our philosophy is uniquely holistic: in every one of our activities we strive to teach values, awaken an awareness of and empower students. We address each person’s environment in order to facilitate personal, family, and community transformation. We believe each and every person has the gifts and ability to make concrete changes and improvements in their lives and their communities, and we seek to support these efforts.

Our mission and vision statements show our commitment to “sharing who we are and what we have to help transform society into the Kingdom of God.”

Our work is organized around four strategic program areas:

Education and Training Program. Where poverty and violence hold so many back from reaching their full potential, we believe that learning new skills creates a necessary path to economic independence and personal development. This program offers over 20 courses in basic adult education, vocational-technical training, and performing or visual arts.

Educational Support for Children and Youth. Barriers to education abound in Nicaragua, and we believe that education is the key to breaking generational cycles of poverty and violence. Through individual scholarships and a community Library, this program supports vulnerable children, teens and their families, so that students stay in school and get the most out of it.

Youth Arts Groups and Cultural Promotion. Nicaraguan schools provide few or no opportunities for creative development, and a process that is essential to the growth and resilience of young people. This program organizes youth performing arts groups and provides a space where the local community has access to cultural activities and exchanges.

Gender and Generational Violence Prevention Program. Domestic violence is alarmingly common in Nicaragua. We believe everyone has the right to live free of violence, so this program works to prevent violence against women and children, empowering individuals and communities to reduce risk factors for violence and identify and escape violent situations.

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