An Update from the Center

We Remain on High Alert, but We are Open

Our Nicaragua has not been the same since April 18, 2018. From that fateful day, we have witnessed more and more murders, unjust imprisonments, closure of non-governmental organizations, censorship of the media, and persecution against human rights organizations.

The economic impact of the violence has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars since the crisis began. Companies have closed due to political tension caused by the violence. This, along with fear, sadness, and indignation caused by the crisis, has resulted in an increase in unemployment and massive emigration.

The Center is committed to human rights and social justice. While we remain on high alert, we continue to sponsor activities to safeguard our building and to promote the physical and emotional well-being of our children, youth, and staff. We must take care of ourselves and strengthen our close circles of trust. We are protecting our safe spaces here at the Center, in order to have a tiny bit of control over our environment.

At the Center, we have been focusing on values that express what we want for Nicaragua and for ourselves: social justice, integrating marginalized groups, and caring for nature, all within a just and egalitarian social structure where all share the benefits and responsibilities equally.

Nicaragua has always been strong, rising from the ashes as a phoenix. The people have an indomitable patriotism. They are tough and dignified. It is a land of lakes and volcanoes. Like the words of a traditional Nicaraguan song express, we ask God to give a light to this people who love living in Nicaragua so much.


A mural in memory of Nicaraguan students killed
since April 2018.