Helping Students Process Powerful Emotions

Helping Students

Workshops are conducted to help students express
their sadness, fear, and despair in a safe way and in
a safe environment.

Since the political crisis began, the fearless and devoted staff at the Center has had to redirect its activities to better tend to their students’ emotional needs, providing psychological, social, and artistic support. Here are some comments made by staff members who are working directly with students:

  • “Since April, we’ve been focusing on ways to give students a safe space to breathe during the crisis. We host workshops focused on self-care, how to handle emotions, and guided meditations.” (Gender-Based Violence Prevention Psychologist)
  • “There’s a lot of feelings of frustration and despair, especially by college students who feel that they have no future. The adolescents are filled with sadness and rage, while the younger children are notably sadder. The adult women are very worried about their families and their finances, due to high unemployment. There is a lot of despair.” (Psychologist)
  • “Our 2019 theme is Accompanying You in Healing. We want to accompany the children because there’s so much pain, death, and loss.” (Art and Culture Coordinator)
  • “Our goal is for the Center to be a safe space for all the children.” (Manager)