Student Success Story


Dentist Adriana Hernández

Adriana Hernández: Dentist and Artist

Adriana Hernández grew up knowing that something was missing in her life. To feel complete, she practiced sports, sang in the Church choir and studied dentistry, but something was still missing. She said, “I loved the time of my adolescence very much; however, there was still an empty feeling, and it was my enormous desire to paint.”

Illusioned by the dream of childhood and adolescence, through a friend of her brother, she found the Center. Adriana said, “Finally, I could do what I liked so much. There I met one of the sweetest people I know, my dear Professor Gerardo Arias. Seeing his passion and the love with which he teaches, I felt more and more motivated to paint.”

Adriana says in painting she finds a moment to be with herself, to be silent and enjoy life without pressure. “In the darkest moments of my life, where depression was a bitter drink, painting kept me focused on the things life was worth living for,” she said.

Adriana Art

Some works that Adriana painted in classes adorn her dental clinic.

The young dentist feels very grateful to Father Ángel and Sister Margarita for having opened the doors of the Center to the community, and said, “I certainly do not know a person who has been in the Center who can say that his or her life did not change for good.”