• For our students, that they feel supported and enriched by their participation at the Center.
  • For our children and young people, that they find a safe space and caring environment at the Center and in their families
  • For the health and support of our teachers, that they are able to communicate their passion for education as they walk alongside their students.
  • For the strength of our staff, that they continue to lead the community in paths of justice and transformation.
  • For our artists, that they bless their audiences with their talents.
  • For our community, that they continue to be open to all that the Center has to share with them.
  • For our volunteers, that they learn and grow as they share their gifts and accompany the community of Batahola.
  • For our visitors, that they are inspired by our work to get involved in the struggle for justice.
  • For Nicaragua, that its leaders and people find constructive solutions to the challenges of poverty, violence and education.
  • For those of us in the United States, that we grow in awareness of our Nicaraguan sisters and brothers in Christ and the impact we can have on them.

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